Five Ways To Easily Boost Sales In Your E-commerce Store This Summer

Five Ways To Easily Boost Sales In Your E-commerce Store This Summer


If you are reading this, then chances are you are looking to increase traffic to your online store, generate leads, prompt conversions, and grow your e-commerce business. Perhaps you are experiencing low sales volume or no sales at all and need tested & proven methods of how to increase e-commerce sales. 

Whatever the case, we know how important sales are to your online retail store, especially when the e-commerce landscape is crowded. This has made the online retail space increasingly competitive with merchants implementing a myriad of e-commerce marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game.  

However, e-commerce is rapidly changing, and a run-of-the-mill approach is not going to cut it. In this post, we are going to highlight five expert-backed ways on how to double your e-commerce website sales. 

How to increase E-commerce Sales

A key part of the sales process is finding new people to buy the products listed on your online store. There's no doubt that this task may be tough, but for you to increase sales then you need to adopt e-commerce marketing strategies that will be effective for your target consumers. 

In today's fast-evolving, online retail landscape, a comprehensive marketing approach is crucial for the success of your e-commerce store. This approach typically comprises tactics you use both on and off your e-commerce business that can help to build brand awareness, increase product visibility, and ultimately lead to sales. 

Here are five ways you can easily boost sales in your e-commerce store this summer: 


1. Know Who Your Customers Are

Having a clear sense of who your target customer is, is crucial as it can inform you of; their pain points, buying behavior, and preferred online platforms. It is an important step of the process that can make or break every other effort you make to increase sales in your eCommerce store. 

That's why you must conduct extensive customer research right from the onset to obtain many useful insights to guide your actions. An in-depth analysis of your customers helps you to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. 

Knowing your customers can also help you identify the different parameters on which you can segregate them into specific groups, makings it easier to send targeted offers using personalized messaging. 

Understanding your customers should be a continuous process if you want to get more leads and business. If you can do this, you can consistently win because now you know what to sell, how to sell, and where to sell. 

3 steps to identify your core customer


2. Use Facebook Advertisements

Facebook is the world's largest social network with more than 2.80 billion monthly active users. There's no doubt that it is one of the leading social networking sites and multimedia channels with unlimited marketing potential. 

Facebook Ads provides an exceptional opportunity for you to present concise messaging to the forefront of people who are most likely to want the products on your eCommerce store. It is a marketing tool you can use to drive new visitors to your online store, convert them into paying customers and re-engage them to buy even more. 

Advertising on this channel even guarantees you substantial returns on your investment which is evident in an Adweek report which shows that - the average return on investment from Facebook Ads in eCommerce is 152% annually. 

While the prospect of using Facebook Ads seems very promising, you must not rely solely on the platform's algorithm. To get the best out of using Facebook Ads, you need to set it up properly along with the right advertising sets. Be sure to install Facebook Pixel and integrate it with your e-commerce store. By so doing, you can attract a substantial number of your prospects with ease and get leads you can nurture into profitable customers.


3. Offer Enticing Deals

Good deals - that's what shoppers today are on the lookout for. The reason why some people abandon carts or do not shop at all typically has to do with the product price or shipping costs. These are two common pain points many people face as barriers to shopping online. 

If you can solve this problem by enticing them with good deals, you can convince them to proceed with a purchase and even become loyal customers. 

A smart idea is to present them with an irresistible offer such as free shipping, percentage-off discount, dollar-amount discount, free shipping, etc. that can smoothen the path to conversion. These offers can apply to all the products on your online store or you can set a threshold with a specific dollar amount that they must reach to qualify.

Making such creative offers available on your online store can generate leads, engage buyers and encourage them to continue to purchase from you. The offers you make should be appealing enough to prompt sales but also well thought out to ensure you can make profits at the end of the day. 

4. Leverage Email Marketing 

To increase e-commerce sales, you need to build and effectively manage a holistic email marketing strategy. Email marketing is an effective channel to make sales for so many reasons. 

First, customers prefer to communicate with brands through email as the messages they receive are more personalized than what they are likely to see on other marketing channels. This is evident in a study by Marketing Sherpa that showed 72% of consumers say they like to receive promotional messages from brands through email.

Secondly, email reaches about 85% of the people you send it to with an open rate of almost 23%. This means email is a sure way for prospects to see your messages which they are most likely to miss on their social media that is flooded with updates from other brands. 

Third, email marketing has proven to yield very high returns on investment. Email marketing yields $44 back for every $1 you spend which represents a 4400% ROI

To get started with email marketing you need to build your email lists by collecting the emails from people who are interested in the products on your eCommerce store using a top-notch email marketing service. A smart move is to use a lead magnet such as a giveaway, free trial, etc. in exchange for their email addresses.

The bottom line is that email marketing if done right can produce incredible results.

5. Invest In Customer Service Technology 

There are dozens of merchants out there selling the same products that you do and equally competing for business from customers. It is not enough for you to say that you are a customer-centric brand, you must show it. These days the end goal with marketing is not only just customer acquisition but retention. Achieving these key objectives entails having a reliable product, being accessible, transparent, maintaining consistency, and delivering value. 

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must go over the top to ensure top-notch customer service from start to finish. Great Customer service among other things can help to build brand trust which is crucial because when prospects and customers trust you, they are most likely to buy from you. 

So, if you are looking to increase online sales, you need to invest in features such as live chatbots and engagement automation, which can help to improve the experience of a user browsing through your e-commerce store. 


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