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Who can sell on purposemart?
We welcome all Sellers that are committed to making an impact, big or small, and underrepresented sellers to join the Purposemart community. To become eligible to sell products on Purposemart, brands must fall into at least one of the following categories: Sustainable,  Socially-Conscious,  Fair Trade Certified,  Recycled/Upcycled, Handmade,  Second Hand,  Eco-certified, Local production, Percentage to Charity.




Brand & Marketing Claims Standards 


We represent transparency, authenticity, & sustainability. To build trust and increase transparency, all Purposemart sellers must comply with our standards and share our values & principles.

We will continually evolve our vetting procedures to ensure that we give our community members the most realistic picture of the high-quality brands and products available.


We expect transparency! The number one challenge that consumers face when it comes to sustainable brands is the lack of trust. You must be extremely clear about your ethics, marketing claims, and how exactly you are making an impact. State the percentages and clear explanations for all environmental claims and social impact claims. Be ready to provide documentation and other supporting information to collaborate your claims.  

Ethically Made 

Make your products in a way that is kind to people, animals, and the planet. Your workers are being paid a fair wage and have a safe working environment. No child or forced labor is used and you adopt fair trade practices.   

Sustainability claims

Products with sustainability claims must be made with low impact, long life cycle, and sustainable materials. Be specific about your ingredients and process. Board terms like Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Natural, Chemical-free, Green, etc. without any supporting information are meaningless. Organic, vegan, and biobased products must be certified by an accreditable third-party organization. 

Social Impact claims

Brands with social claims must accurately and explicitly describe their impact on people and communities. Keep it easy and simple to understand. 

What is your social impact? Who is benefiting from your action? How does it benefit them? It’s important to measure your social impact so you can accurately tell the story of the change you are making. 



What is Purposemart? 

Purposemart is a purpose-driven platform for brands and consumers who are keen to positively impact society, the economy, and the planet. Our mission is to connect empowered impact sellers with cause-conscious buyers. 

How to become a seller on Purposemart?

We welcome all sellers that are committed to making an impact, big or small, to join the Purposemart community. To build trust and increase transparency, all Purposemart sellers must first submit a seller application. We will continually evolve our vetting procedures to ensure that we give our community members the most realistic picture of the high-quality sellers and products available. 

What are the criteria to sell Purposemart?

To qualify, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. You are committed to making a positive impact.   
  2. Your brand falls into at least ONE of the categories listed above.
  3. You truthfully and accurately represent your impact and purpose.
  4. You are open and transparent with users about your purpose and impact.
  5. You will not mislead users with false claims.
  6. You are committed to using eco-friendly packaging.
  7. You can provide supporting documentation to Purposemart team to collaborate your claims. 
  8. You will not sell any of the listed “prohibited products” on Purposemart. 

What is Purposemart Verified?

Purposemart Verified sticker adds credibility to your product labels and gives shoppers the confidence to get behind your brand and its mission.  To use the verified sticker, brands must provide additional information to collaborate their label claims. All brands are not created equal, therefore the verification process varies from brand to brand and can take up to four weeks. 

Can I still sell on Purposemart without the verified sticker?

Yes, you can as long as you pass the minimum requiment and comply with the standards and criteria set above. Purposemart Verified sticker is optional. 

How much does it cost to sell on Purposemart?  

Purposemart offers free and subscription plans. With the Free Plan, you can list 30 products for free and only pay 8% commission fee when you sell an item. Selling fees are described here

How do I get paid? 

When you sell an item on Purposemart, the payment is distributed to you net of the transaction fees, credit card processing fees via PayPal or Stripe. You’ll need a Stripe account so that buyers can pay you directly. 

What's the shipping policy?

We require sellers to ship items purchased by buyers promptly after payment within 5 business days. Each shipment is required to ship with a valid tracking number from a supported carrier.

Does Purposemart have a mobile app? 

We have a mobile application for buyers (iOS + Android). The seller admin panel is fully responsive to easily manage your store from any mobile device. 

Shipping provider 

Purposemart is fully integrated with all major shipping providers ( UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, Canada Post, and more). It's also integrated with ShippingEasy to save you time on creating manual shipping labels. 

Have other questions?  

Use the contact form here to get in touch with us. 



Powerful tools to help you manage and grow your store.



Multi Levels Of Admin Access

Assign different levels of access to your team members. This allows you to keep control of the information that you share with your team.

Separate Mini Store

Have your own micro store with a custom URL, logo, products, company description, value, and impact. 

Accounting & Statistics

Track payouts and commissions. Review income and expenditure statistics by total and per period. Keep track of orders, revenue, and top buyers.

Sales Reports

View detailed statistics of your sales with graphical or tabular charts and sales reports by product, category, and location.

Free Promotions

Use the built-in marketing tool to boost sales.
Create deals, promotions and discounts — offer free shipping, discounts, free products, and coupon codes.

Seller Geolocation

This feature allows buyers to support local sellers, receive orders faster, and easily find sellers from underrepresented locations.

Fraud Protection

MaxMind minFraud is integrated for advanced protection from fraudulent credit card transactions. Automatically flag potential fraudulent orders.

 Secured Payment Gateway 

Integrated with Paypal Express, Paypal Commerce, and Stripe Connect.

Real-time and Manual Shipping Rates

Integrated with 8 major shipping providers for real-time shipping calculations. Set shipping cost based on — total order cost, weight, and even the number of items in the order.

Built-in SEO Optimization Options

Easily optimize product listings with targeted keywords to boost organic traffic and revenue.

Wholesale Selling Option

The quantity discount feature allows you to offer wholesale pricing to buyers.

Add Videos To Listings

Increase sales with product demo video clips.


Comments and Reviews

Feedback from buyers helps improve your products and service overall. 

Buyer-to-Seller Communication

Connect directly with buyers when they have questions. Buyers can contact you from your profile page, product page, or order page. 

Order email notifications

Avoid delays with order processing and shipment. Automatic email notifications to let you know when you receive new orders.